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  • 80
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  • Âge – 20
  • Taille – 157
  • Poids – 40
Do not decide it yet before you see my real face Did you see many fake pictures on the internet right? All pictures here are 100% real but still, you can decide to take me or not after you see my real face. If you don't like me, just simply say "cancel" when you meet me then I will leave nicely and right away without asking any cancellation fee. If you call me, I will go to your place first, then you can decide it(to take me or not) after when you see my real face. If you like me please give me donation fee first but If you don't like me, simply say to me "you are not the one who I am looking for" then I will come back home nicely with a smile and I will never ever ask you to pay me any cancellation fee or taxi fare. I will also never ever get mad at you too. If you are a gentleman, I will be a very kind girlfriend to you and I will do my best for you too. If you want some other services, please feel free to ask me first before you book me. No Cancellation Fee! No Hidden Charges! No Taxi Fare! I am certainly sure about that. I always think Service first than Money so check it out hehe^^. Actually when you decide to book it, seeing the real face is more helpful for you than picture right? hehe.^^ About me..... I am an independent escort girl and it is my part-time job All pictures here are 100% my real pictures but you can't see my face well right? I am shy to put it in public so I covered my face and I am so sorry for that but don't worry I will show you my real pretty face instead. Why no face? Is it the fake pic? I know well that you will doubt it like that and this is not good for my income. In spite of this fact, I decided to cover my face because I am very discreet and I don't like someone to use my face pic. I found out that some people used my face pic for their business and that was my bad experience. So I hope you understand. I would like to inform you that I never had any cancellation experience so don't worry about my face.hehe^^ Physical appearance 157cm, 40kg, 32C 23 32 White Skin, Half Japanese, Good smile, Long and Brown Hair and of course I am not ugly hehe^^. I hate dirty service so you don't need to worry about my service and I do not belong to the agency so I will not rush too so please be gentle with me hehe. I am still young but I exactly know what I need to do for you. I hope you have a good memory here in the Philippines because of me hehe^^. My service is usually for a foreigner. Sometimes, I have a class during day time so please text me instead of calling as long as you can. Girlfriend Experience is one of my speciality. I will show you what is real GEF and High-End Service I am a very discreet girl but if you meet me once, I am sure that you will call me again and again. It's happening to me already. Do you have some friends? I have some pretty friends to hehe^^ If you have any question please feel free to contact me. I am ready for that. (24/7)

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