• 1 hour
  • no
  • no
  • 2 hours
  • no
  • 160
  • overnight
  • no
  • no
  • Age – 22
  • Height – 157
  • Weight – 44
Never had a problem with this agency. They have good services and most of the ladies are courteous and friendly, except Anica. Initial meeting with her at my hotel, she already had an attitude. Maybe due to previous clients. After trying to be friendly and being a gentleman, she still had an attitude. I also offered her food and drinks, but to no avail, still had attitude. After several attempts to change the negative vibes to positive ones, I just gave up. I just wanted to get things over with. Finally went to the room, she asked to take a shower which I said yes. She complained about the shower and towels. Saying it was too cold and the the towels were not to her standard. When doing the "do", we did several positions. When we got to doggie style, I held her waist, when surprisingly, out of nowhere, she kicked me. I was caught off guard. She said not to treat like a dog... huh? If she didn't want me to hold her waist, she could have atleast told me initially before getting down and dirty. I asked her to leave because it was the last straw. I could not take her attitude any more. She begged for me to finish, but I said to her to please just leave my hotel. She left and of course with my money. And thank goodness she did. She was so negative about everything. Not sure why she was like that, but that's my experience with her. What a complete waste of my money. Fortunately I got myself a date the next day, which turned out well.

Other girls in Malate

girl Espana station
  • 1 hour 100
  • 2 hours 100
  • overnight 200
  • Age 24
  • Height 142
  • Weight 60
  • Breast 1
Single Mom from Manila
girl Legarda
  • 1 hour 75
  • 2 hours 75
  • overnight no
  • Age 29
  • Height 153
  • Weight 47
  • Breast 1
girl Espana station
  • 1 hour no
  • 2 hours 140
  • overnight no
  • Age 21
  • Height 163
  • Weight 48
  • Breast 2
girl Vito cruz station
  • 1 hour 120
  • 2 hours 180
  • overnight no
  • Age 21
  • Height 155
  • Weight 49
  • Breast 3